Sunday, August 14, 2005

Building 35 and the O/R dbms

I had the pleasure of speaking for the Pacific Northwest SQL Server User’s Group a few evening ago. It meets in Building 35 – the home of the SQL Server team, the temple of SQL, the database monster garage. Kalen, Fernando, and Randy were there. Several Microsofties including the authors of the SQL Server BOL were there. I had a blast.

My topic was my O/R dbms layer and afterward the group sparked some good questions and ideas. The conversation even moved into the differences between modlign a relational database vs. modeling an O/R dbms.

If you’ve eve wondered about how to store classes and objects in SQL Server including inheritance, polymorphism, and associations then download the files from the files page on In my next book, SQL Server 2005 Bible, I’m planning to include the O/R dbms schema as a chapter.


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